Moves for a school at Eungella were initiated in 1923. A public meeting was held and a building committee was elected. By late 1925, about 14 acres of land was secured as a School and Recreation Reserve. The school site was rather uneven and covered in dense vine scrub.

The school was opened on 31 January 1928, with Miss Annie Saunderson as teacher. The average daily attendance for the first year was 11 pupils. The school was a building 20ft long by 10ft wide, with an 8ft wide verandah in front. In 1932, when enrolment fell below 9, the school was closed.

By October 1933, the prospective attendance increased to allow a full time Provisional School to be reopened. Attendance rose rapidly and serious overcrowding was soon a problem. At this time plans were also afoot for a school at Dalrymple Heights. By 1944 a provisional school was opened at Crediton and some twelve years later the Crediton School was erected, followed by the building of the West Crediton State School.

School life at Eungella proceeded smoothly through the years – annual dances and picnics being highlights of the social life. The Principal's residence was erected in the 1950's.

Shortage of water was a continual problem through the years – tanks would run dry and have to be filled from Broken River. Thanks to the efforts of Tom Jones and the Parents' and Citizens Association, a permanent water supply for the school was found about 1973. Four years later septic toilets were constructed. During the very dry period 1991 to 1994 the bore did dry up. As thousands of dollars were spent by the Education Department supplying water to the school and residence, five new 6 000 gallon cement water tanks were installed. In 2009 the school added another four tanks to the water supply system with a Federal Government Community Water Grant.

The present buildings have been improved over the years, with such things as floor coverings, fans, heaters and enclosure of the northern verandas and under the library. Covered play area and walkway, resurfacing of the tennis court, new grounds equipment shed and a new sports equipment shed have also been accomplished. The multi-purpose room was upgraded to accommodate a kitchen area. In 1997 the school underwent major changes with Building Better Schools Program and Admin Upgrade Program. The Library and Principal's Office were moved upstairs and a practical learning area and storeroom built under these two rooms. The second level became an open learning area incorporating two classrooms and a computer alcove. The library was also air conditioned. In 2007 the practical learning area was transformed into a Prep activity room. Extensions have been made to the ground floor classroom increasing the area to allow for active learning and computers. All classrooms have been air-conditioned. In 2010 the Federal Building Education Revolution provided funds for a multi-purpose hall to allow a dry area for activities and a performance venue. The multi-purpose room was transformed in 2011 into a Stephanie Alexander kitchen. To complement this, the school garden was constructed incorporating a tunnel greenhouse and further developed in 2013 by the construction of the outdoor learning area and storage shed. In 2012, the school underwent extensive drainage works and in 2013 was provided with its own sewerage system.

Last reviewed 22 April 2020
Last updated 22 April 2020